Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mental Exercise of Politics

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[color=red][b]The Democratic Republic of ZachsMind[/b][/color]
[b]Abortion: [/b] Pro-choice
[b]Affirmative Action: [/b] It WAS a great idea. Now we need a new great idea
bourne from the needs and fairness issues of this generation.
[b]Arms Trade: [/b] Should be placed under same rules and regulations as any
other kind of trade, with the added understanding that it's always possible
you're selling arms to a country that might later use them against you. ...and
who wants that?
[b]Death Penalty: [/b] I used to be for it, until I saw "governor Bush"
exercise it here in Texas. Now I'm against it, but I am at a loss for a better
solution. Our problem here is if the lifer is beyond redemption or
rehabilitation we're just feeding and sheltering him w/o any way for him to
contribute to society. There must be a better solution.
[b]Drugs: [/b] I would prefer they be legalized, regulated, and taxed. However,
with marijuana being a weed, how do you regulate something that can literally
grow anywhere? Harder drugs simply cause more harm than good when used
recreationally. Current prohibition is not working satisfactorily, but neither
would harsher bans or more lenient solutions. Legalization would benefit a
capitalist society, but may create more social problems. Consider all problems
we have no with alcohol and multiply them ten-fold. That's drug legalizing. Not
a pretty picture.
[b]Economic System: [/b] free market capitalism with some regulation and
encouragement to charity
[b]Education: [/b] Yes
[b]Electoral College in USA Elections: [/b] No
[b]Environmentalism: [/b]
[b]Euthanasia: [/b]
[b]Evolution or Creation?: [/b] Yes
[b]FCC: [/b]
[b]Gay Marriage: [/b]
[b]Gun Control: [/b]
[b]Immigration Policies: [/b]
[b]Income Tax: [/b]
[b]Israel/Palestine: [/b]
[b]Philosophy: [/b]
[b]Political Party Affiliation: [/b]
[b]President Bush/American Policies: [/b]
[b]Prostitution: [/b]
[b]Religion: [/b]
[b]Social Security: [/b]
[b]The UN: [/b]
[b]Veganism/Vegetarianism: [/b]
[b]War in Iraq: [/b]
[b]War on Terror: [/b]

[b][size=5]INSERT NAME HERE [/size][/b]
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[b][i]IM Contacts:[/i][/b]

[b][i]Player Profile:[/i][/b]

[b]The blah blah of YOUR NAME<--REPLACE[/b]
Real Name:
General Location:
General Political Affiliation [if any]:
General Religious Affiliation [if any]:
Where Did You Find NationStates?:
Have you read any of Max Barry's books:
Professional Goal:
How many hours a day do you watch TV?:
What is your favorite genre of music:
Other information:

[b][i]Political Beliefs:[/i][/b]
[b]Abortion[/b]: Pro-Choice
[b]Affirmative Action[/b]: Was a great idea. The future needs a new great
[b]Arms Trade[/b]:
[b]Death Penalty[/b]:
[b]Economic System[/b]:
[b]Electoral College in USA Elections[/b]:
[b]Evolution or Creation?[/b]:
[b]Gay Marriage[/b]:
[b]Gun Control[/b]:
[b]Immigration Policies[/b]:
[b]Income Tax[/b]:
[b]Political Party Affiliation[/b]:
[b]President Bush/American Policies[/b]:
[b]Social Security[/b]:
[b]The UN[/b]:
[b]War in Iraq[/b]:
[b]War on Terror[/b]:

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