Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lost Season Six Episode One

This is not spoilage, silly. It's speculation. So you get no spoiler warning. If you need spoiler warnings, please turn off your computer and stick your head in a toilet and flush. Thanks.

Season six picks up exactly where season five left us. Juliet falls into hole, finds bomb, pounds on it with rock. Then, what everyone thinks is a nuclear explosion turns out to be just another time hop - this time into the present. However, in the present, there's no hole. The Swan station imploded when Desmond hit the switch. Juliet's wounded body finds itself trapped under all that rubble, buried alive.

Meanwhile, above ground, the same thing has happened to all the Losties, but they don't realize it immediately. Slowly they come to realize they have been returned to their original timeline but not moved in space. It dawns on Sawyer last, because bless him, he's not that bright. However, we see a realization on his face and then he rushes to the side entrance of what was The Swan to try to find a way to get Juliet out of there.

Juliet's wounds turn out to be serious but nothing Jack couldn't fix, provided Jack was okay. However, the realization that Faraday's plan didn't work has become the straw that broke the camel's back in Jack's head. He goes mildly catatonic, unable to comprehend what went wrong, but that now he feels the deaths of all but a fraction of the Oceanic 815 survivors are somehow his fault, because he wasn't able to turn back time. Kate slaps him hard and has one of her speeches, but it doesn't help. Jack's mentally Gone Fishin'. So it is left to the others to try and help Juliet before she dies of her injuries.

Meanwhile, back at the shadow of the statue, Ben and UnLocke emerge from within to announce that they have killed Jacob and everyone is to follow Ben, as Ben has already dutifully bowed to UnLocke. He demands that everyone, one at a time, express their loyalty, starting with Richard. However, when Richard is called out, it is discovered that he, Alana, and the dead body of Locke are now missing. UnLocke demands Ben lead an expedition into the jungle to hunt Richard down and get Locke's dead body back immediately. Ben does as he says.

Richard, Alana, & a couple of her people are hurriedly rushing to the underground temple catacombs with Locke's dead body in tow, in a desperate attempt to have the spirit of Jacob placed into the body of John Locke. The flashbacks are all of Richard's arrival on the Island (he was First Mate on the Black Rock crew), how Essau and Jacob compete for Richard's fealty, Essau takes the Black Rock & landlocks it when he loses to Jacob, and Jacob shows Richard how to use the Temple to heal people and what that entails.

At end of the episode, as UnLocke (spirit of Essau pretending to be Locke) has Ben lead the expedition, hot on the heels of Richard & Alana, they attempt to reincarnate Jacob using Locke's body as the sacrifice. However, something goes wrong, and when Locke is animated, it's not Locke and it's not Jacob, but someone rather disoriented and confused and alarmed. When Essau enters the room to encounter it, he freaks out and runs away screaming into the night jungle. When Richard asks the rejuvenated John Locke who he is, Terry O'Quinn busts out a mean awesome Manchester accent he's been practicing for five years: "Why, I'm Charlie Pace! Who the bloody hell are you, mate?"

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ASH said...

Loved it. Not plausible, but then again Lost isn't either. You forgot to add that...Right at the time CharLocke speaks, Claire comes from the jungle saying the Dingo ate my baybee...oh wait, that's another movie.

I wish I lived in your brain, seems an entertaining place to be LOL