Saturday, June 27, 2009


inspired by Julia Nunes' "Regrets"
a(n abandoned) work in progress

You make me wish I was
whatever you're looking for
You make me wish I was
whatever you want and more
You make me wish I could be
Whatever you want and need
For all of eternity

You make me wish I was
Contacts for your eyes
You make me wish I was
Tissues for your cries
You make me wish I could say
Anything to make you stay
So you would not go away


Okay perhaps I should explain. I was gonna just leave this poem here for later cuz it's just the chorus and I can't figure out the verses in my head. However, I just reread what I just wrote, and that coupled with the statement it's inspired by Julia Nunes might give someone the wrong idea. I'll preface this with yeah of course she's hot and talented but the words are not intended to indicate.. well, whatever.

The inspiration went something like this: while listening to Julia Nunes' song "Regrets" it occurred to me for some reason that hers is a voice that could take the word "whatever" and make it sound annoyingly acerbic and abrasive in one moment and then exhaltingly cathartic the next. I don't know why this occurred to me. I don't recall the word "whatever" in the song "Regrets" at all but I suddenly wanted to hear her voice singing with the word "whatever." There seems to be a potential longing and wispy melancholy about the word coupled with a dark sarcastic edge that I've just always admired and I'd like to hear her sing that word so my mind took the word "whatever" and started attaching other words to it and putting it in sentences and I was about to go do something else as her "Regrets" video ended and then I was like, oh damn I gotta write this down somewhere before I lose it. So I did. And now I look at it and it's cheesy bubblegum stupidity, but the idea was to make the chorus exhaultingly cathartic, soleful and wistful and filled with longing to represent that side of the word whatever, and then the verses were going to be more sarcastic and filled with passive aggressive irony. Cuz that's how I hear the song in my head. The intent would be to hear her deliver the verses in a stacatto biting almost hateful tone, and then in the verses her delivery would suddenly be like the angels of heaven descending down upon a bowling alley to go a few rounds.

However, I can't write down any verses at the moment cuz they're not coming to me. I'm only hearing the chorus. So hopefully I can come back later and finish this when I'm in a more sarcastic mood.

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