Monday, July 13, 2009


What follows is actually the "copy" I wrote for myself prior to recording a YouTube video in response to this video that John of VlogBrothers made for his brother Hank. What he said got me thinkin' and I also wanted to make a video that would bury my stupid Michael Jackson enough is enough video. I wrote my copy and posted it here because I wanted to make the video without my glasses on. So I increased the font in my web browser so I could read the copy without glasses. Admittedly, in hindsight it really didn't matter cuz both John and Hank wear their glasses but somehow they're able to avoid glare. My glasses seem to reflect the computer screen when I make a video wearing them. Anyway. I digress. I'm uploading the video response I made as I type this otherwise I'd leave a direct link. I don't know what it is yet but will add it seruptitiously after I'm done typing this probably. If I forget to do that, you can go to and look for the video I left on this date.

Don't forget to be awesome. Without further adoo-doo, here's what I wrote.

Hi John Hi Hank and hi Nerdfighters it's Monday July 13th 2009 and it's very late. Or early. Depending on how you look at it. Why am I still up watching YouTube videos? I dunno. I dunno if I'm a nerdfighter. I guess I'm at least a nerdfighter watcher. We all have to start somewhere.

In response to John's video On Iran, Islam, and Amazingly Stupid Comments, I was like ..Wow. That was cool, man. I don't agree with every syllable but I hear ya when you say you feel more akin to some liberal muslims than you do conservative Christians. I look at American Christians today and I don't recognize the religion of my childhood. Everything from Chuck Norris to Sarah Palin's got me seriously reconsidering my theological choices.

Until very recently I used to consider myself a Christian. I think I still am. Asked Jesus Christ into my heart at the age of eight. Sounded like a good idea at the time. The Sunday school teacher's pitch was hard to deny. Eternal salvation and a piece of candy. I was sold.

I've had a few decades of studying history and observing current events. Watching history unfold before me, and I've come to the conclusion that whenever there's violence between men, someone's religion often seems to be a factor. Maybe it's not THE direct factor, but like rooting for sports teams, both sides always think their one and only true god is on their side. And if a god takes sides, how does anyone know?

Christianity. Judaism. Islam. Hinduism. Buddism. Zorastrian Whatchamacallit. Paganism. Deism. Atheism. I got a new ism. Prismism. Every human being's a prism. We think we're seeing the light for what it is, but we all got filters and the light of reality goes in us and through us and out it comes and you get spaghetti. or a Picaso painting. Or a man who thinks god wants him to kill. That it's okay to kill cuz god says so.

I'm reminded of the words of Groucho Marx who once said he didn't want to join any club that would accept the likes of him as a member. I think any god that would accept mankind at face value, considering what we do to one another in God's name? I gotta question that.

But that's me. That's not you. If anything's consistent among Mankind it's that each person has their own religion. They each think they share religion but when one finds oneself on the outside looking in, after being part of the illusion that there's one true god? Wow. Mankind to the concept of Diety is like three blind men holding different parts of an elephant and none of them guessing right as to what it really is.

Religion is like a gun. It doesn't do bad or good by itself, but men have done bad or good things with it. I personally don't like having a gun in my presence, cuz a gun in my presence increases the chances I might get shot, as opposed to the odds of getting shot by a gun if a gun is not within gunshot of my face. I'm beginning to have a similar opinion about religion, but that's just me. Others can carry around guns and religions all they like. Just don't point them my way.

Oh, and in the argument regarding pirates and ninjas?

Arrrrr matey!

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