Sunday, December 6, 2009

God Game Rigged

This is in response to THIS but TwitLonger was giving me error messages, so I had to put it here instead. It's just as well. Though TwitLonger allows more than 140 characters, it still feels more stifling than Blogger.

Well @j_lavalley even Moses only got a burning bush.

If a god won't introduce itself personally, why do we want so badly to worship it? If a god won't bother because we are so insignificant, why should we care? Ants don't care about me. They wouldn't start praying to me after I pour buckets of scalding water on them.

The myth presumes if a man were to meet a god, the mere sight of said deity would destroy the man. That's rather convenient isn't it? You say that my requisite for irrefutable proof would rig the game. I say the game is already rigged by charlatans.

If I ever met @FeliciaDay I would get her autograph if possible so I could prove I met her. Whoever first came up with divinity either actually had irrefutable proof and kept it to himself, or NEVER had proof. Why did the first guy to come up with divinity NOT get irrefutable proof? I submit it's because he never had it. He was lying to trick others for purposes of manipulation and power.

So those who have power already hold the cards. I use to accept anecdotal evidence as proof of a god & I got suckered in. The only way to limit being fooled is to challenge the evidence, and use deductive reasoning to insure validity. Science may be just another theology, but it holds up under scrutiny.

Gods do not. PAY ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN. Whether it's The Pope, or Pat Robertson, or a Sunday preacher down the street, he's selling empty cans and calling them hope.

The Egyptian Pharaohs used manipulation and control tactics to trick their followers into believing them gods, but scientific examinations of their remains mummified in tombs prove they were just as human as the next guy. They also used very cheap beer and various torture methods to control the masses, but you get the idea.

It has been like this since the first cave man threw a rock at the moon. The other cave men noticed that cave man didn't get struck by lightning, so they turned to him for guidance, since he was smart enough to challenge the moon god.

How do I know this?

A god told me.

Don't believe me?

Prove he didn't.


See how it works?

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