Monday, July 12, 2010

being an ex-Christian urself, how long did it take u 2 quit anthropomorphizing what might/might not be & wondering, even when ur not positive if it exists, if it is good (all accepting) or bad (eternal punishment4not believing in it correctly enough

I'm sorry. I've read this several times, Christi and I just don't get what you're trying to ask. I was never equating what might be to animals. How long did what take? It took me literally decades to realize I was atheist, but I had abandoned first the Baptist denomination in my teens, then literal interpretations of the bible in my twenties, then I was more of a deist by the time I was 30 but still held to the trappings of being saved and having Jesus in my heart and all that stuff. Then about a year and a half ago I had an operation that led me to realize there just isn't a god, and since there isn't a god, none of that other stuff is real either. So it's taken my whole life to get to this point. Some people realize they're being conned faster than others. I fell for the whole religious thing because it had been fed to me from birth. I had no reason not to believe, until I observed reality and it just didn't mesh with what religion insists it should be. So either reality is wrong or religion is, and I got tired of accusing reality of being wrong. Cuz it's not. Man invented religion, and man is very fallible. Reality just is, whether we perceive it as it is or not. I hope that answers your question.

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