Friday, April 17, 2009

What lies in the shadow of the statue?

A fellow Tweeter named Bram1977 recently made his very first tweet on Twitter this question, and it got me to thinking, that's quite an open question, isn't it? Those of us who watch the show from which this question came are presuming it's the statue of a four-toed, long-haired hippie named Anubis, but there's a lot of statues in the universe. Should we be so presumptuous?

Yet another recent conundrum has entered into the minds of we the teeming masses addicted to ABC's television series Lost. Eventually it is theorized that the writers and producers of Lost will answer that question for us. A few years ago they gave us a similarly cryptic question: "What did one snowman say to the other snowman?" The answer was of course, "smells like carrots." We say "of course" now, but back then it was a head scratcher.

Here's some possible answers you can throw at people if they smugly walk up to you and ask "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" I make no promises any of these answers will keep the questioner from knocking you unconscious with boating equipment.

1. Pigeon poop
2. A pile of missing socks
3. Carmen Sandiego
4. The off ramp from I-423 to the Basingstoke turnpike. Which leads to cake.
5. the temple. duh.
6. Anubis' farts, and he just ate a bunch of fish tacos.
7. All that imaginary revenue that movie companies and music businesses insist they've lost since Internet Filesharing became popular.
8. Manhattan. If you're referring to the Statue of Liberty. By the way, I'd like a Manhattan. Where's the nearest bar?
9. Seashells she sells by the seashore.
10. The operative word to that question is LIES.
11. Cake. Which is a lie.
12. A Starbucks that's about to be 'downsized.'
13. Whatever it is, I'm as "ahnk"sious to find out as you.

My money's on five, by the way, but since I have no money of which to speak, that's not very important.

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