Sunday, August 8, 2010

Opps! Sorry about the double post before (I am permanently distracted). So I grant you the gift of immortality and the deep and mysterious power of the vampire to entrance, coerce, influence and control (no you don't need to suck blood) What do you do?

So I have immortality, mind control, but I don't need to suck blood. Do I twinkle in sunlight? I must not disintegrate by fire in sunlight because if I did then I'm not very immortal, am I? If I twinkle then I'm a Twilight TwinkPyre and will be chased around creation by crowds of willing teenage females which quite frankly is the last thing I want. That never goes well. I've seen reruns of The Monkees. Do I get to brood a lot? That looks like fun. Oh. What do I do? I would pull the mental whammy on Miracle Laurie until she is helplessly devoted to me, and then force her to teach me Hawaiian dance techniques.

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