Thursday, January 6, 2011

I will admit I listened to the bangles and wilson philips and ace of base, if you will admit some of your secret bands, deal?

The Bangles looked pretty & their music is fun, but I was never more than a cursory 'fan.' I can't recall anything ace of base recorded, but I'd probably recall a song or two if I bothered to go blip them I really did like the first Wilson Philips album. Their harmonies were fantastic, but the schlocky pop-ness of the songs overshadowed the talent. Also I wasn't very impressed by their actual 'public persona' thing. It was all kinda meta, cuz they were children of celebrities so seemed to behave as if they were expecting similar treatment, while simultaneously feigning humility and not really revealing their true selves. They shunned compliments & recoiled from criticism, so ultimately fans didn't really know how to relate. The Dixie Chicks have suffered a similar faux celebrity fate, although admittedly I found them to be more talented (unlike Wilson Philips, The Dixie Chicks could do more than sing).

Not sure if I understand what you mean by 'secret bands.' In some ways I have a wide range of tastes in music & in other ways I'm very particular, but can't think of any artists that I'm ashamed to admit liking.

I suffer a kind of opposite form of "secret bands." I have a lot of artists I have enjoyed over the years who I wish I could tell the world and convince the world to beat a path to their doors but despite multiple attempts over the years I've never been successful. They're secret only because I tired of talking about them to proverbial deaf ears. Many of these said artists & bands no longer even exist cuz they broke up or left the music scene. So they're so secret I may be the only one who remembers them.

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