Thursday, March 18, 2010

Did you used to not be an athiest?

Yes, I used to be a southern Baptist then I was a nondenominational Christian for awhile, cuz Baptists are crazy! Can't dance? OMGWTF? Then I became a SubGenius Christian, then a deist w/SubGenius leanings, and now a full blown atheist but ah STILL BELIEVEZ IN DAH FIGHTIN' JESUS! He's "Bob"s golfing partner. "Y'know Jesus smoked Chesterfields." Says so in the Bible. "He smoked 'em, yet they did not exist two thousand years ago. We must accept this on Faith! There's no logical explanation for it! YA DON'T USE YER MIND TO THINK ABOUT YOUR RELIGION!" Rev Ivan Stang said that. ...I'm sorry what was the question?

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