Thursday, March 18, 2010

When was the last time you gave flowers?

Funny story. Was dating this beautiful woman. I'd have to say about ten years ago now. She mentioned in passing that I never bought her flowers. I explained I never buy women flowers cuz flowers die and I'd rather spend money on something more practical. She asked me what, and I showed her a MAPSCO of North Texas area that I'd bought for her and was gonna give her later but seemed this was the perfect time. Well she got real mad. I felt it was a thoughtful, practical gift. She said she didn't want thoughtful and practical. We argued and after awhile I just went home. Next date I brought flowers and that just made her mad again, cuz now she knew I only bought her flowers cuz she told me to and not cuz I thought of it. I said that's cuz I'd never think to buy anybody flowers cuz they die. It's a stupid gift, but you wanted flowers so here they are. So we argued some more and I went home. The relationship didn't last much beyond that.

So I don't buy women flowers anymore. I never shoulda started.

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