Thursday, December 2, 2010

I know very few Christians who would say that they feel or even have ever felt, the presence of Jesus (or the Spirit) in their lives. I consider you 'lucky'. When you experienced His presence what were you doing? How did it make you feel? Do you miss it?

It's not luck. You can experience this yourself if you want. At the time I was exploring speaking in tongues and other "gifts" and I was reading up on Edgar Cayce, ESP, meditation, dream interpretation, OBEs, channeling, automatic writing and before me and some friends scared ourselves silly I teetered over the edge of "the dark side" and for a time I had convinced myself I was able to communicate w/spirits by just holding a pencil on a pad of paper and putting myself into a light trance.

This is essentially a trick the mind can play on itself. Multiple personalities and schizophrenia are extreme forms of the mind convincing itself that reality is not as it actually is, but that there's layers delving beyond tangible reality that can be tapped via the unconscious mind. However, for a few years there, this sort of stuff was very real to me and many people around me. Family and friends. I looked into parapsychology and over time became frustrated that at every turn all I found was double talk and inconclusive evidence. Countless sightings but no evidence that scientists would take seriously, and back then I thought the scientists were the villains; that they were either arrogant, ignorant, or in some cases there must be some sort of conspiracy where the truth of this phenomena was being kept from people.

Now I simply see that there's no conclusive evidence, because none of it was real, but it took decades of convincing before I'd relent to that inevitable conclusion.

Throughout history mankind has uncovered ways in which we can alter our perception, and sometimes this is mistaken as touching the divine spark. It's all chemical imbalances and can be scientifically explained. In recent years scientists have been exploring something called The God Helmet which I recommend googling. Fascinating stuff. Drugs can also be easy ways to try triggering an apparent experience w/your god. Some athletes find adrenaline rushes akin to communing with their creator.

As Charles Dickens once wrote, "there's more gravy than grave to you spirit." Turns out in that fiction, Scrooge was wrong. However, in reality, the ghost of Marlowe really is just something we ate.

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