Thursday, December 2, 2010

Religion does make people afraid. But even Jesus says to question, even question Him. People should always ask questions and seek answers. What was your most pressing question as a believer?

I don't recall Jesus saying to question him. That's certainly not a tenet of any Abrahamic cult of which I'm familiar. Generally knowledge outside accepted dogma is deemed sacrilege. Fear is a tool that leaders in churches use to manipulate and control their flocks. As for the most pressing question? I don't know if this qualifies but perhaps the first question I recall having which stumped the youth director and began to set me apart from others in our Wednesday bible classes was how did Joseph take all this? Mary has a meeting alone with one of God's angels. God himself doesn't even make an appearance. it's one of his angels that appears before Mary and the angel tells her she's gonna have God's son, and she tells Joe this. She's got a baby on the way and Joe knows he had nothing to do with it. How's he supposed to take this? How did Joe know the kid was god's? There are other explanations. That got a laugh in the room that night, but I was seriously curious. I mean how do we know this wasn't some normal human who somehow convinced Mary he was an angel, so she'd sleep with him? Maybe that's how date rapes happened two thousand years ago. I'd think Joe would go on a murdering rampage hunting down any guy hanging out at bars talking up girls about how he's secretly an angel sent from heaven.

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