Sunday, April 17, 2011

I think I would enjoy making secret rooms and trap doors. I always liked the idea of castles with secret passages. Would you ever hire somebody to design/build a secret hide away?How about furniture with secret compartments?

In my youth I thought this would be a good idea. Get rich and have a place made just for myself which would be filled with secret passageways and essentially be a grownup playground. Nowadays if I were ever well off enough to do something like that, I'd probably just save my money and buy a comfortable readymade house that served my needs & was functional. The ground floor would be a living area where I entertained guests and up the stairs there'd be more personal space and a guest room. The bells and whistles would be much less extravagant than my imagination in my youth. I doubt I'd even bother with a "panic room" because the worst thing one can do in any crisis situation is head for a dead end & cage yourself within it.

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