Sunday, April 17, 2011

Would you want to be a celebrity? Celebrity of what? rockstar? acting? eating the most chicken wings? ? something else?

When I was 20 this was a dream of mine, but those dreams got shattered rather undramatically. I might settle today w/the knowledge that millions of people in the world knew my name & thought of me fondly, but didn't go apeshit and scream and run after me that's just stupid crazy. I wouldn't want to be seen as a celebrity. Those guys get no privacy, theyr'e treated like things instead of people, and most of the time that kind of notoriety is short lived. Many have compared it to catching a wave, like in surfing. Something happens in a person's life and a lot of ppl notice him at the same time and they tell their friends and for a few weeks or months you can ride this "heat" until things cool down. Your time is no longer your own. You have appointments and interviews and scheduled appearances & you have "handlers" that make sure you're at X doing Y during Z and it's frenzied and fast paced and strange and then one day it's over, usually as quick as it began. From that point on, some people spend the rest of their lives reminding people how great they once were. When I was 20 I coulda ridden a wave like that. Today, something like that might give me a stroke.

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