Friday, February 11, 2011

So, what's with the stupidity of those who want to keep the poor living in poverty? Especially when the poor who are doing everything they can to better their situations to not be there. Why make it harder for those people who are REALLY TRYING?

Ever see Doctor Zhivago? It sounds almost noble to some to do the Robin Hood thing. Persuade, convince, or coerce those with money to give philanthropically to those who didn't earn it. In practice it's complicated and doesn't seem to improve things in the long term. If you give something to someone, oftentimes they don't care for it the same way one who earned it cares for it. Easy come easy go and all that. There is no easy answer to this. Some struggle all their lives and are never paid what they're worth. Others hardly work at all and make money in their sleep. No one said life was gonna be fair. In theory if everyone is productive everyone will benefit, but in practice, that doesn't work either. I strongly believe capitalism is the best option available, compared to alternatives. However, it's far from perfect.

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