Friday, February 11, 2011

Women are people. Human beings EQUAL TO men. Do you thoroughly believe this truth, or are you some sort of nutbar who believes that a penis gives the right to declare superiority & ownership of woman as property? Give reasons, please.

I do not believe anything. Evidence suggests the equality issue is complicated in detail, but simplistic in execution. There are ways women are far superior to men. There are ways men are far superior to women. The evidence also suggests this evens out. There is no reason to believe one gender should get special treatment over another due to genitalia or hormonal imbalances. It is a cultural artifice that has generated this debate and practicing its tradition needs to cease. I feel it simplifies life & makes everyone happier if we strive to treat one another equally regardless of any differences. I don't know if this is objectively right. I don't believe anyone should believe this without further research. It feels right to seek equality not just via gender but via other differences. For now, that's enough for me.

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